We Value "Relationships"

Built on driving results and putting clients first

Bridgestone Associates is a diversified financial services firm, offering research and analytical support to businesses, corporations, financial institutions, and individuals.

Our deep commitment to our clients is at the forefront of everything we do. We understand that everyone’s situation is unique, and our range of products and services are designed to ensure we are able to align expectations with execution. We take a holistic view while providing solutions.

Our services are divided into two broad categories


Financial Services:


  1. Independent Research

  2. Wealth Management 

  3. SME Advisory

  4. Corporate Advisory

  5. Management Advisory

  6. Tax & Legal Advisory

Academic Services for Students & Professionals:


  1. Accounting & Finance Academy

  2. Professional Training Courses

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Our Edge

Original thinking and attention to detail is something that differentiates good from great. At Bridgestone, we take pride in nurturing both of those skills. This combination of skills and discipline, along with a deeply-held belief in the importance of our client relationships, has generated a culture that defines us.

Our team consists of experienced and qualified individuals who have expertise across a variety of sectors By working on numerous projects we have gained unrivalled and supreme financial skills. Our professionals have built a large database of knowledge that we apply to fulfil our client’s unique needs and deliver them sophisticated solutions. We strongly believe in developing a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients. Capitalizing on accumulated knowledge and experience, Bridgestone provides complete breadth and depth of financial services. Our dedicated team adheres to professional code of conduct, ethical standard and preservation of client’s confidentiality.


Our Commitment



We will do what we say we are going to do and put the client first.


We will do the research necessary to make sound investment decisions and increase our clients’ wealth over time.


We will communicate regularly with our clients, while being responsive and available.


We will make our communication process clear so that our clients will be well informed.


We will present our performance and fees with the utmost transparency.


We will recruit and train best-in-class people and deliver an experience designed to exceed expectations.

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