Our Independent Research is divided into two categories:

  1. Equity Research

  2. Analyst Outsourcing



We provide a full range of equity research services, ranging from searching and aggregating data, initiating coverage, building/updating financial models to complement our client’s effort in publishing quarterly updates. Our services also include industry and sector analysis, analysis of regulatory regime and analysis of bond yields/credit market instruments.


We differ from our competitors through our in-depth analysis of the business by placing special emphasis on understanding the business model and incorporating each and every variable affecting the business. Independence and objectivity is practised by our research division. Our Equity Research reports are designed keeping in mind the shortcomings of traditional equity research reports, such as not highlighting the assumptions used related to operational aspects of the company and providing sensitivity analysis with key variables etc. Our Equity Research Services are specifically valuable for buy-side clients, given the fact that our research team is not incentivized on issuing favourable research.

Equity Research Services include the following:

Standard Research Report

Our Standard Equity Research Report covers all aspects of the business, highlights the operational assumptions utilized, educates the client on the operational efficiencies and deficiencies of the business, provides sensitivity analysis with key variables such as discount rates, inflation rates etc, allowing the clients to assess the value of the business.

Customized Research Report

Bridgestone Associates also offer Customized Research Reports. These research reports are tailored to meet our client’s diversified requirements. In addition to our equity research universe, clients can also get fundamental research on stocks that are not currently covered by our Equity Research team through our Customized Research Report services. Furthermore, clients can also opt to add more sections to our Standard Equity Research Reports or omit some of the sections provided in our Standard Equity Research Reports.

Sector Research Report

Our Sector Research Report services provide details on how an industry is faring, whether current policies favour the industry etc., ensuring that our clients select the best performing industries while developing an in-depth understanding of associated risks with investing in the industry. In our Sector Research Reports, we also highlight our preferred picks in the industry, highlighting the rationale of our selection of the stock.

Standard Report Contents:

  • Investment Highlights

  • Investment Risks

  • SWOT analysis

  • Forecast of financial statements;

  • Absolute Valuation

  • Relative Valuation

  • Company profile

  • Financial statement analysis



We offer full time and/or project-based analyst outsourcing. It enables you to achieve revenue enhancement, through increased coverage and services, as well as cost reduction through comparatively inexpensive and highly trained human resource.


Our professionals are sourced from some of the leading universities and companies across Pakistan with functional expertise in data management, investment research, equity research, data processing, business research and analytics. We provide efficient and cost-effective services, while constantly thriving to provide trained analysts at a lower cost to offshore financial services firms with quality control checks. 

Full-Time Analyst

Keeping in view the current industry structure and clients consistent need of developing systems that enable them to have a competitive edge over their competitors, Bridgestone offers services of the full-time analyst, providing its client cost advantage over its competitors. Our high standards ensure that our clients get the best possible service and that the Full-Time Analyst services are fully integrated with the client’s corporate system such that the client becomes indifferent to hiring internally or outsourcing an analyst from us.​

-Full-Time Analyst will work as an employee of the firm

-Full-Time Analyst will work up to 60 hours/week

-The analyst will remain available round the clock via telephone/email / Internet

-Analyst’s working hours will be consistent with the client’s time-zone

-The analyst will be at client disposal and  may assign any  tasks and responsibility

-Senior Team Members will work closely with the analyst to ensure quality

-Senior Team Members will also be available in case of any queries

Project-Based Analyst

Project-based Analyst services are designed by Bridgestone Associates, keeping in view the clientele requiring specialized services, to carry through a project within a given timeline. Leveraging our in-depth expertise of various sectors and dedicated workforce enables us to provide these services. A number of individuals with expertise in the sector of client’s choice and associate level capabilities are allocated to the project to provide these services in the most efficient manner. A number of individuals allocated to the project depend upon Bridgestone as we take full responsibility for the completion of the project within the timeline agreed upon with the client. Through efficient quality management systems, Bridgestone Associates ensures timely completion of project and dispatch of the deliverable.

-Project-Based Analysts will be available for clients for executing  specific projects

-Sector specialists provide specialized expertise in either financial modelling or research writing

-Analysts will execute the task according to the pre-specified timeline

-Number of individuals allocated to the project rationalized on the basis of the given timeline

-Fee-based upon the amount of work required and timeline available for project completion

-The contract is based on the nature of the project



Investment Advisory covers Risk profiling and suggestion of Asset Allocation only (choice, timing and execution of trade remains with the client).

What we offer:

-Investment Policy Statement for Non-Discretionary portfolio construction  

-Flexible investment security choices i.e. Equities, Income, Money Market etc

-Portfolio management based on client’s specific investment objective(s) and desired allocation and preferences

-The professional expertise of the portfolio manager to support investment decisions

-Regular performance reporting as per client’s needs

-Macroeconomic, market and security analyses as per client’s needs

-The fee structure is fixed, subject to the client’s needs and mutually agreed terms & conditions

-Security & transparency (Since funds control will remain in the client's hands)

-All information remains confidential unless information sharing is mandating by legal authorities



Bridgestone Associates places a special emphasis on its Portfolio Management Services. Our Portfolio Management Services range from full-blown active strategies, aimed at maximizing outperformance, to highly efficient indexing strategies. Choice of the strategy utilized for portfolio management is contingent on our client’s investment objectives. Our unique value proposition is our experience and emphasis placed on developing a suitable Investment Policy Statement (“IPS”) for our clients to determine the macro asset allocation. We are well cognizant of the fact that understanding the client’s Investment Objectives and Constraints is the key to a mutually beneficial and a long-lasting relationship with the client. Therefore a considerable time is taken out to develop an in-depth understanding of our client’s Investment Objectives and Constraints.

Portfolio Management Services include the following:

Institutional Wealth Management

We provide sophisticated client-focused investment solutions tailored to meet each client’s unique needs. We specialize in providing wealth management services to Pension Plans, Provident Funds, Foundations, Endowments, Insurance Companies and Cash Allocation for Corporations.

Following systematic approach is utilized:

  • Determining the relevant information on the basis of the client’s type i.e. Pension or Foundation

  • Gathering information regarding the client

  • Assessing and analyzing the information gathered

  • Determining the client’s investment objectives and constraints on the basis of assessment and analysis of information gathered

  • Developing the Investment Policy Statement by utilizing the Investment Objectives and Constraints determined

  • Determining the suitable macro asset allocation for the client’s portfolio in light of the IPS

  • Choosing an appropriate strategy or a mix of strategies to be utilized on the basis of IPS

  • Determining the suitable micro asset allocation in light of the selected strategies

  • Continuously monitoring and updating the portfolio

  • Evaluating the portfolio performance after a regular time interval

Private Wealth Management

Private Wealth Management serves high net worth individuals and families. Our experienced team is committed to meeting the needs of wealthy clients and those aspiring to become wealthier. We have been dedicated to serving our clients through a relationship based on intimacy, integrity and mutual trust.

When a new client comes to Private Wealth Management, our relationship begins with a discovery process – an in-depth dialogue to identify all the factors surrounding and defining the client’s wealth. This includes the client’s short and long-term goals and concerns, the structure of his or her holdings, and the client’s exposure to – and tolerance for – risk.

Our wealth management team then works with the client to construct, implement and monitor an asset allocation strategy that will help the client achieve his/her many objectives. Following  approach is utilized:

  • Developing insight into client’s measure of wealth and sources of wealth

  • Understanding the Client’s Investment Objectives and Constraints

  • Understanding Client’s long term and short term goals

  • Determining the Client’s Risk Tolerance and Unique Circumstances

  • Balancing the client’s risk and return objectives

  • Writing the detailed policy document of the client

  • Determining the appropriate asset allocation in light of the client’s long term and short term objectives

  • Continuously monitoring and updating the portfolio

  • Evaluating the portfolio performance after a regular time interval



We’re dedicated to working with SMEs. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, family business, or a fast-growing company, we understand what’s important to you. We can help you navigate your challenges — no matter the size and stage of your business.


Business planning

Developing a strong business plan is critical to the success of any startup business. We work with entrepreneurs to help build robust plans that include detailed strategy around all aspects of their organization:  finance, sales and marketing, operations, supply chain, procurement and engineering.  As part of our business planning process, we look to assess current processes, analyze data for trends and identify the areas of greatest opportunity.


Startup financing

Startups need financial support to bring their plan to life. But what financing options are available? We can help you identify the financing plan that you need to fuel your growth.


Business strategy services

We can work with you to review your business model and help identify strategic initiatives that will support your objectives. We do this through facilitated sessions focused on helping you develop the right strategy for your business – and by helping you execute, monitor and make ongoing adjustments to your strategy.



Growth is essential for continued business success. While most businesses can achieve growth organically this can require considerable time and effort. In order to grow sustainably, entrepreneurial businesses must consider all of their market opportunities including seeking out complementary businesses for acquisition potentially divesting non-core businesses, outsourcing functions to increase cost efficiencies and potentially expanding into the emerging markets.


Financing and M&A

Mergers and acquisitions can be a great way to grow or diversify, but navigating the options can be challenging, especially for entrepreneurial businesses. We can help you get the most value out of a deal by providing unbiased advice across all stages of the transaction – from strategy development and target identification to implementation. We can also work with you to evaluate financing options and structure debt solutions that may give you the financial flexibility you need to deliver on your growth plans.


Risk Management

The need for effective risk management and controls is crucial in an environment of increased scrutiny. It is important to minimize these risks in an entrepreneurial business, not only for the business itself but also for the family, property holdings and capital. Implementing controls, securing new financing, efficient tax management and optimization can all have a positive impact on the bottom line of your business.


Cash and working capital management

When it comes to business costs, many entrepreneurs have challenges understanding their working capital requirements and how they can align their operations in order to maximize cash and reduce debt costs.  You may not realize there are tools and processes that can help you manage your working capital We can work with you to understand and forecast your cash flow streams, optimize your processes, and develop reporting policies to support and encourage better cash management.


Data and analytics

New technologies and innovations are making it easier than ever to get data on your operations and customers. The question is: how can you go beyond the data to achieve actionable insights and use data to manage your risks, reduce your costs and grow your business? We can help you make sense of the data you have – and work with you to understand where your business is at compared to your competitors, locally and globally. Using data and analytics, you can respond to the shifting demands of your customers and make more informed decisions on how to achieve your goals going forward.


Selling your business

Deciding to sell your business can be difficult. You’ve put your life into your work and want to get the value you deserve. But realizing value can be challenging. How can you make your organization attractive and find the right buyer? We understand how important this decision is and can help you get the most out of the process.   We can help define your expectations and identify and prioritize potential buyers. Our professionals can also help you make sure that your business is in shape for a sale, evaluate offers, manage due diligence procedures and supervise the transaction.


Taxation Services

Corporate Tax: We can develop comprehensive plans that can manage or reduce your corporate tax burden.

Personal tax: We can work with you to assess the tax rules and tax issues that affect, or may affect, your personal and family taxes so that you can better manage your overall tax burden while remaining compliant with all tax laws.

M&A Tax: We can work with you to understand the tax implications of your potential deals and help you to structure transactions in ways that are tax-efficient.



Businesses today are under more pressure than ever to deliver better, lasting results for stakeholders. At Bridgestone Associates, we think like an investor, looking at how opportunities to buy, sell, partner, fund or fix a company can add and preserve value.

Today’s deals do not happen in a vacuum. Every decision must be made in light of your entire business, sector, and the global economy. Our global mindset and local experience with deep sector knowledge help you navigate a complex, fragmented process.


Transaction Services

We see transactions through an investor’s lens and are focused on helping clients identify, evaluate and successfully implement their growth strategies in today’s complex business landscape. Deals fail for any number of reasons. But you can realize the results you and your stakeholders desire by taking a deliberate, forward-thinking approach to deal planning, execution and integration in light of your entire business, your sector and the global economy. We bring an approach that emphasizes creating and preserving stakeholder value, combined with our deep knowledge, experience and forward-looking perspectives. Supported by superior analytic tools and proprietary data, our transaction methodology transcends traditional due diligence and takes into account an expanded universe of risks and rewards. Our advisory services that span the transaction lifecycle, helping you focus on the key questions at every critical stage. Does this deal align to my strategic business objectives? Will this deal help me respond to market and competitor dynamics? What are the risks and opportunities that will affect value and my negotiating position? How do I maximize synergies and add value? Are there any reporting, accounting and tax structure ramifications of the transaction?


Integration & Separation

Integration: When it comes to integrating a business, getting it right in four areas is crucial: vision, control, people and value. Without managing these, almost two-thirds of acquirers fail to realize synergy targets in today’s increasingly competitive M&A market. Nearly half of the synergy target, on average, is included in the purchase price.


We are focused on creating real, lasting value. We tackle key issues, eliminate unexpected surprises and identify synergies to help you minimize risk and maximize value. We help you focus on key questions at each stage of the process, working with you to overcome even the most challenging aspects of the deal. What is the right synergy number? How much do I include in the price? Does this deal align to my strategic business objectives? Will this deal help me respond to market and competitor dynamics? Am I ready for Day 1? How do I identify and retain key people? What steps do I need to take to protect my business as usual operations during the transition phase? How do I make sure I achieve my synergies targets?

Separation: Whether it is to strengthen balance sheets by selling non-core businesses, simplify businesses by selling non-core brands, achieve a new strategic direction by spinning off a division or to sell a business unit as mandated by regulators, divestments and carve-outs have generated a significant amount of value in the M&A market.


However, the carve-out road is not easy. Separation complexity should not be underestimated as it has a direct impact on a deal price. To be successful requires a balance between maximizing value while mitigating risks, and quickly divesting while maintaining control of the process and protecting business as usual operations.


We help clients throughout the whole process, from defining separation options and understanding the potential impact on value through to developing and delivering successful separation plans. What is the optimal separation approach? What are the key separation risks and how should these be mitigated? How will this business operate at deal close and when fully standalone? Which services will need a TSA (Transition Service Agreement) or an LTA (Long Term Agreement) and how should they be implemented? How do we ensure a seamless transition that protects operational integrity and minimizes value leakage?


Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

The pace of today’s M&A activity demands decision-makers make the right moves confidently and swiftly to avoid missing opportunities. This requires clarity and an in-depth understanding of the deal – both of which can be difficult to achieve as the deal-making environment becomes more complex.


We understand the challenges on both sides of the transaction and recognize the need for both parties to drive maximum deal value. We create holistic solutions that will help you confidently navigate the complexities of buying and selling a business, identifying the key risks and rewards throughout the deal cycle.


We provide both Buy Side and Sell Side M&A Services.


Business Valuation Services

Be it planning an acquisition, resolving a dispute involving joint venture partners or raising funds to expand core capabilities, you will need to understand value better so you can make optimal decisions for your business. This value, however, is not only about numbers.


We take a holistic view of value by spending time to understand your business’ dynamics, as well as industry and value drivers. We also draw on our extensive experience to apply relevant valuation methodologies, using our deep industry knowledge and innovative benchmarking tools.


We provide a range of services:

Dispute valuation: We offer dispute services related to transactions, including dissolution of joint ventures, determination of price per value under shareholder agreements for good/bad levers as well as non-transactional disputes.

Fairness opinions: We help shareholders, the board or the company on the fairness of the price and terms of the transaction, as required by regulatory authorities.

Finance support: We can provide the advice needed for raising equity or debt financing, including determining the value of equity to be issued to the new partners or shareholders of an entity, or the valuation and equity splits at formation. Independent board advice: We provide independent, objective advice to help determine what the right price is to pay or accept for a business.

Investment and transactional advice: We help you analyze investment or divestment opportunities. This includes guidance on joint ventures and alliances where valuation advice can help in pricing negotiations or in the final investment decision, as well as equity splits at formation or exit. The integration of due diligence findings into the valuation analysis is integral to this process.

Restructuring: We help lenders, companies and administrators in the context of restructurings by providing valuation advice and strategic disposal options in connection with Independent Business Reviews and independent valuation opinions for the benefit of an administrator or similar acting party.

Venture capital and holding company support: We can help establish the value of unquoted investment portfolios to help venture capitalists and holding companies make strategic investment decisions.

Financial Restructuring

There are several reasons (financial and non-financial) that may trigger the need for financial restructurings, such as a company is in financial difficulty when it cannot pay its debt (financial or commercial) or breaches covenants.


In such distressed situations, stakeholders (debtors and lenders) want to protect their position and provide a stable platform to the company. We help you create an action plan for the pre and post-financial restructuring process, along with contingency plans. We also provide strategic financial advice for fast decision making, assessing short-term liquidity requirements, and consider actions to quickly preserve value.


We are objective third-party advisors, combining quick strategic advice on the situation and the solution. We do this by providing detail analysis based on an independent business review and cash flow forecast of the company. We identify appropriate debt restructuring options in terms of value for the different stakeholders, arranging and achieving financial close involving all the different stakeholders. We also take a leading financial advisory role, with a deep knowledge of the different pre-insolvency legislations to help the agreement take place.

We help solve complex problems or implement improvements, all the while helping you focus on the key questions that will strengthen your financial performance. Do I have enough funding to keep operating while a solution is being developed and implemented? Do I know what has gone wrong and how to fix it? What sustainable capital/debt structure offers the best prospects of success? How do I reconcile all stakeholder positions to implement the new debt/capital structure? What will be the role of the alternative capital/debt providers in the solution How do I ensure that the business is supported through its recovery? How can the different pre-insolvency legislations help to get the financial restructuring agreement in place?


When a company faces operational or financial challenges, speed is of essence. We can provide the Turnaround services that will help you move from crisis to value realization quickly. We will guide you through each phase of the turnaround process – from establishing an early plan of action that clearly explains what needs to happen when, to developing a turnaround plan that balances the different priorities of all stakeholders, all the way through to execution and value realization.



Accelerating advances in technology and changes in business models are transforming the rules and risks of the game. Aggressive competition is coming from upstarts and unknowns. And whatever the customer wants, the customer gets.


We can help you identify and solve the challenges that stand in the way of your growth and progress. We will work with you as colleagues, shoulder-to-shoulder, until we have delivered the results that matter to you.

We improve the way you operate; accelerate your growth; reduce your costs; manage your risks; develop your talent and change the way you do business. In doing so, we focus on your agendas and the big issues they need to deal with, both today and in the future.


Strategic revenue optimization

We manage the entire revenue cycle of the client, identifying the bottlenecks and untapped markets where revenue can be optimized and serve as a competitive advantage for the client.

Strategic Cost Cutting

We undergo detailed cost structure of the company and identify the bad costs according to the strategic cost cutting model and eliminate those costs to leave a positive impact on the bottom line of the client.


Data Analytics

Turning Data into Insights has been a key challenge in the modern digital world. Our dedicated Data Analytics team drill down the huge quantum of client’s data to provide insights which can really create a difference in the competitive environment.


Business Process Reengineering

Majority of the processes in client’s premises are repetitive and non-value adding which results in massive costs on the financial statements. Our purpose is to eliminate non-value adding costs through business process reengineering to make processes more efficient and cost-effective.



Rapidly changing tax environment across the globe has enhanced focus on the effective and efficient management of the taxes both globally and locally. In this new era understanding, the tax impact on business operations and transactions in multiple jurisdictions is vital for a company’s survival.


Tax function role has gone miles ahead from managing and optimizing an organization’s tax impact and as tax advisor to managing the global tax exposure and as a business advisor.


Effective and efficient tax services provide a competitive advantage by lowering the tax and administrative costs yet keeping your business compliant with the tax laws and regulations.


Our industry professionals have vast and extensive function knowledge that is accompanied by technical proficiency and strong relationship with our business partners. We understand the industry needs and business issues that our business partners faces which help us formulating business feasible and tax compliant solutions for them.


We offer a wide range of taxation and legal services.



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