Welcome To Bridgestone Associates

Bridgestone Associates is a diversified financial services firm, offering research and analytical support to businesses, corporations, financial institutions, and individuals. In today’s global environment where opportunities and challenges are getting complicated, we take a holistic view of the global economy and financial markets. Our aim is to create value for our clients by providing creative and innovative solutions.

Our Principles and Values are the core reason behind our existence. We value “Relationships” and look for idea meritocracy. Our belief is that strong relationships with stakeholders are the key to success. Relationships which are based on outright truth and complete transparency.

We require people to be extremely open, air disagreements, test each other’s logic and view differences as a good thing as it leads to creativity and innovation.

Being an Idea Meritocratic firm, we perceive people as unique individuals and look for those who think differently. To gain the deepest possible understanding of how global economies work, we find and grow the best talent - across gender, race, ethnicity etc. For us “What is being said” is more important than “Who is saying it.”

Our systematic approach to learning with an idea meritocracy where the best ideas win out, resulting in the deepest possible understanding of global markets and economies. Our executive team brings together years of industry experience, providing expert leadership for the Bridgestone team and long-term value for our clients.



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